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Alex Zaharov-Reutt joins and

Hello! Thank you for visiting. This is still my website, but I now write technology news for 4SquareMedia publications, including: which brings you consumer technology news, features, reviews, guides and more. which delivers technology news and more for the technology channel. You can also catch me on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.Continue Reading

Cyber security strategy: a vital component for listed company executives

Way back in 2006, I wrote the first of several articles for Australian tech news site iTWire about an Australian developed product called TrustDefender, launched in late 2005 – the brainchild of its then-CTO Andreas Baumhof and then-CEO Ted Egan. Back then, TrustDefender was the first and the original true cloud security solution for banks and…Continue Reading

Must-see Microsoft TV: the Build 2014 Day 1 Keynote!

Microsoft’s vision for the future and it’s answer to all things Apple and Android took place last week at Microsoft’s annual Build conference, with the 3 hour day one Keynote session a must-see for any technology aficionado! Here we are in 2014, after several years of the iPad “post-PC” era, after quarter upon quarter of…Continue Reading

Heartbleed OpenSSL bug – details here

A quick post for anyone interested and listeners of the ABC Drive radio program in Perth, Australia, to whom I spoke today on the topic of the Heartbleed OpenSSL vulnerability that has put people’s passwords at risk – even if they saw the little “lock” in the address bar of their browser. Full technical details…Continue Reading

The 7th anniversary of the iPhone – today!

It has been seven years since the iPhone was first introduced by Steve Jobs, and to this day, the iPhone is still ahead of the competition and is the phone everyone is still trying to beat. When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone to the world, it was at the Macworld Conference in San Francisco…Continue Reading

Dick Smith’s ‘free’ summer GlobalGig – global tablet data nirvana!

If you buy any SIM card-enabled tablet from Dick Smith over most of summer, you’ll get a free Globalgig SIM card that lets you access up to 5GB of data over the first 30 days, or you can choose a plan that gives you at least 1GB to use over 30 days in 11 countries!…Continue Reading

Vale Douglas Englebart, inventor of the mouse and even modern computing

Vale Douglas Englebart, inventor of the mouse and even modern computing

Douglas Englebart is the man most famous for inventing the mouse, the device that help transform computers from devices that were as big as football fields to small boxes that sat on or under people’s desks. Although the touch screen revolution threatens to make the mouse obsolete, the facts are the billions of mice or…Continue Reading

iWatch frenzy deepens following fashion CEO defection to Apple

iWatch frenzy deepens following fashion CEO defection to Apple

As you’ve likely read around the Internet, Apple has trademarked the name ‘iWatch’ in various jurisdictions around the world. This could mean than an Apple iWatch is forthcoming, but it could also be a defensive move, with Apple using the tactics of disinformation as seen in the Swordfish movie to distract from whatever Apple’s real…Continue Reading

Is this the week 3D TV died?

Is this the week 3D TV died?

The BBC has put out a statement saying it is putting 3D programming on hold “indefinitely”. This follows news that sports channel ESPN in the US has decided it will suspend its 3D sports programming too, a worrying sign for Australia’s Foxtel channel which gets some of its 3D programming from EPSN. The BBC’s head…Continue Reading

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