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Dick Smith’s ‘free’ summer GlobalGig – global tablet data nirvana!


If you buy any SIM card-enabled tablet from Dick Smith over most of summer, you’ll get a free Globalgig SIM card that lets you access up to 5GB of data over the first 30 days, or you can choose a plan that gives you at least 1GB to use over 30 days in 11 countries!

Globalgig is one of the world’s newest MVNOs or “mobile virtual network operators”, a company that I previously wrote about for iTWire, as you can read here.

Focusing on dramatically reducing the cost of mobile data on tablets, smartphones and hotspots to ultra realistic rather than roaring rip-off levels, Globalgig has established itself as a major go-to global mobile data provider for any class of traveller from dozens of countries, while also offering Australians in Australia some very competitive data-only SIM plans using the Optus 3G mobile network.

While Globalgig’s network stretches across the globe across virtually ever major country, Globalgig’s Australian roots ensure that it is still in the business of offering great deals for Australians, whether they’re spending the holiday season at home, or travelling the world as so many do at this time of the year.

Thus the latest news from Globalgig should be welcome, especially given the stunning boom in tablet sales, for those buying a brand SIM-enabled new tablet this year or early next, in conjunction with newly re-invigorated and newly ASX-listed Aussie electronics retailing legends, Dick Smith Electronics.

Over the period of the 5th of December, 2013, to the 31st of January, 2014, Dick Smith and Globalgig have announced a “unique promotion”, which sees all SIM-enabled tablets coming with a free Globalgig SIM card loaded with AUD $30 worth of credit, for use with any Globalgig plan.

This means, for example, that you could purchase the $29 plan which gives 5GB of data over 30 days in Australia.

You could put $19 of that $30 credit to get 1GB of data to use in 11 countries including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and the USA, while using the remaining $11 for 20c per megabyte data across 29 more countries.

Alternatively, you could that $30 credit towards the $35 plan which gives you 3GB of data to use in those 11 countries, with more plans besides, truly helping to finally eliminate the ridiculous international roaming data shock that has been the bane of so many international travellers and data users over the past few years.

Globalgig’s global Marketing Manager, Matt Farmer, whose job sounds like it would be a pretty sweet global gig, stated that “Every SIM enabled tablet, including iPads, purchased at a Dick Smith store between 5th December 2013 and 31st January 2014 will receive a Globalgig SIM starter pack at no additional cost that includes $30 of credit to use with any Globalgig plan, anywhere throughout the Globalgig network.”

Mr Farmer ploughed along proudly, stating that: “This really is an excellent deal and a no brainer for Dick Smith customers as Globalgig is already very cheap offering 3G mobile broadband in Australia from just $9 for 1GB per month and from only $19 per 1GB per month in selected countries internationally. 

“Critically, Globalgig truly enables customers to continue to use their favourite apps and maintain their existing online behaviour in 40 countries without the fear of massive bill shock, especially when travelling overseas.”

Of course, as you’d expect from any major global MVNO player these days, Globalgig’s pre-paid plans have no lock-in contracts, while giving you complete freedom to change plans on a month-by-month basis as required, without any additional costs.

The clever dicks at Dick Smith were clearly clever and didn’t dick around when deciding to make this offer available to its customers, seeing as this year’s tablet-buying frenzy should prove to be the planet’s biggest and best yet.

Clearly anticipating a bountiful harvest of happy customers, Globalgig’s Mr Farmer concluded that: “Globalgig mobile broadband is available to all Dick Smith customers in over 330 Dick Smith stores nationwide, online at and regularly reaches over 5 million households per month as part of the weekly-published Dick Smith catalogue.

“This promotion will allow all new SIM enabled tablet buyers to try Globalgig and realise how cheap and convenient our mobile broadband really is. It really is a win-win as, in addition to the $30 credit at no additional cost, ongoing Globalgig is also cheaper than many of the main Telcos’ plans for mobile broadband in Australia and overseas.”

To sum up, Globalgig’s data plans start from $9 per month for 1GB of data in Australia, and from $19 per month for 1GB of data across 11 countries including Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK and the USA.

If you need even more international access, 20c per megabyte you’ve used is all you’ll pay in Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, San Moreno, Slovakia, Slovenia Turkey and Vatican City.

Naturally, Globalgig’s SIM cards are for sale at Dick Smith Electronics too, or from its website, for use in existing tablets, in smartphones (for data only), in existing unlocked Wi-Fi hotspots or USB 3G modems, or from Globalgig’s own Wi-Fi hotspot priced at just AUD $49.

Happy tablet-enabled travels!


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