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Microsoft cuts Surface RT tablet pricing for schools

Microsoft cuts Surface RT tablet pricing for schools

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is Microsoft’s answer to the iPad, alongside Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which is Microsoft’s attempt at making the ultimate 2-in-1 tablet and PC device with full desktop and tablet power.

It took Microsoft a while to get me a demo Surface RT unit, which they finally did about a month ago, and although it doesn’t as yet have the hundreds of thousands of apps that are available on the iPad and Android platforms, it’s definitely a contender, especially when you consider we’re really still in the early stages of the tablet revolution.

I’ll have a fuller Surface RT review to come, especially now that Microsoft has made a free preview of Windows RT 8.1 available for download on Surface RT devices, one which helps to change the game yet again.

No doubt Microsoft has Surface 2.0 devices with more powerful hardware due to arrive sometime later this year, so it should come as no surprise to see Microsoft making exceptionally competitive discounts available to the educational sector well before any new models are due to arrive.

Microsoft is offering a “limited time” special to educational institutions, offering the 32GB Surface RT model for AUD $219, down from the regular price of AUD $559.

Microsoft's Surface RT tablet

Equipped with a “touch” keyboard cover the 32GB Surface RT will sell for AUD $279, while the vastly superior “type” keyboard covered equipped 32GB Surface RT will sell for AUD $319, down from $679 and $708 respectively.

If there is one disappointment to this offer, it is this: Microsoft is making these discounts available to educational institutions only.

Had Microsoft offered these discounts to the public at large, it might well have been surprised to see much greater demand. Still, who knows precisely what Microsoft is thinking – perhaps such discounts are coming for the public at some stage, too, alongside Surface 2.0 models presumably sometime later this year.

More information from Microsoft Australia’s blog here.

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