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Fyrebox: Cyril Gaillard “fyres” up the online retail space

Fyrebox: Cyril Gaillard “fyres” up the online retail space

Self-described Aussie “transplant” Cyril Gaillard, who was born and raised in France but moved to the land down under back in 2009, was the subject of a story I wrote for in October 2012 entitled “New ‘Aussie Trivia’ app helps newcomers settle in faster”.

Then known as the founder and CEO of Australia-based game development company Melvia, while having also previously worked for EADS in France and General Electric in Germany, amongst other previous roles, M’sieu Gaillard has since made a name for himself as an iOS app developer.


Fyrebox creator, Cyril Gaillard

Presumably of no distant gallic genetic relation to Australia’s former Prime Minister, the Welsh-born Julia Gillard, Cyril Gaillard’s latest endeavour is known as Fyrebox, which enables online companies to “better interact and engage with consumers to increase customer service and sales” through the Fyrebox game app.

Given the ever-competitive online marketing space and the need for ever more creative ways to engage customers, M’sieu Gaillard says that: “Games are being used more and more for education and I believe it can also help retailers achieve their goal and acquire more customers.

Fyrebox has a range of seven games which allow online businesses to offer their visitors “informative, interactive information in the form of engaging entertainment”.

These games can be easily and quickly customised by webmasters and marketing managers, providing what Fyrebox says is “fun entertainment while allowing entrepreneurs to gain valuable insight into their customers needs”.

The games line-up thus far includes a:

– Yes/No Quiz
– Agree/Disagree Survey
– Word Search Puzzle
– MCQ Quiz
– YouTube Quiz
– SoundCloud Quiz
– Hangman Game

For example, Fyrebox says its “Agree/Disagree Survey” allows website owners to build a customer survey in a game-like environment, whereas its “Multiple Choice Question Quiz” allows for specific questions to be asked of customers.

Fyrebox’s current flagship game is the “YouTube Quiz”, which “lets marketers build a quiz around a YouTube video so that business owners can obtain feedback about a past, present or future product”.

Once the games are customised for each online business and installed at that company’s website, blog site or Facebook page, statistics and results are accessed from Fyrebox’s website, presumably via a secure login so each company’s results are privately stored.

Naturally, Fyrebox has made the process easy for business owners, letting them easily select a template, upload relevant artwork (such as logos, photos etc), then enter questions and pass marks, after which the game is embeddable at your chosen site, blog or Facebook page.

M’sieu Gaillard says that “online businesses need to incorporate newer and more innovative methods of marketing their products and services to customers”, and adds that he’s “certain Fyrebox will be a favorite among entrepreneurs and consumers alike”, specifically noting further that: “People love playing casual games and we are proud to provide a way to channel this engagement to help retailers.

Anyone interested in setting up one of Fyrebox’s games will be interested in knowing that there are four “affordable pricing plans”, ranging from a free option right through to a plan specifically designed for large corporations, and all business sizes and types in between.

For more details, visit the Fyrebox website here.

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