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Apple celebrates 5 years of the App Store

Apple celebrates 5 years of the App Store

When Apple first announced the iPhone, it stunned the world by stating there would be no native third party apps, with only “web apps” or glorified web sites serving as the way to deliver extra functionality to the then groundbreaking iPhone.

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long for Steve Jobs and his team to transform the iPhone from a very clever feature phone into the world’s smartest smartphone, a decision that saw apps exploding onto the iPhone at such a tremendous rate that Apple’s iDevices today have nearly 1 million of the most advanced and sophisticated apps available, with over 50 billion downloads of said apps and more than $10 billion dollars paid out to developers.

Apple’s App Store has set the standard that everyone else has desperately tried emulating, with only Google thus far coming close, although even the mighty Google cannot claim to have anywhere near as many absolutely top quality, first class apps as can be found on Apple’s App Store.


To celebrate Apple’s 5 years of the App Store, it has joined forces with a number of first-rate developers to make a number of top-notch titles available free of charge, from apps such as Traktor DJ, which normally sell for at least $20, through to hit game titles such as Tiny Wings and more.

A complete list of the ten free apps can be found here, alongside some other apps that have independently gone free this week.

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